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We have been very busy the last few weeks shipping out peonies all over the country and even to western Europe. Its been very gratifying to see how well many of the plants grew this year. Its a great pleasure for us to send out such high quality plants which we know will thrive in our customers gardens. After quitting for day, we took a camera for a quick tour of the garden in fall. We hope you enjoy.

‘Snow Lotus’ specimen still nicely holding it’s foliage. We have not seen much interesting fall color on tree peonies this year, likely due to the excessive rain we received in the late summer.

Other tree peonies, particularly some of the P. rockii related cultivars have gone totally dormant and lost all of their leaves.

The last of the tomatoes, some will still ripen, while the green ones are perfect for pickles.

In the vegetable garden the nasturtiums (Tropaeolum majus) are still growing strong and offer some very vibrant color in addition to peppery deliciousness.

Smooth luffa (Luffa aegyptiaca), almost ready to be harvested and dried for use as a sponge. This vine provides us with a delicious addition to stirfry when young.

Just as my eyes were drawn to it’s blazing color amid a fading garden, the mason bees feast on a last bit of nectar on this dahlia.

A second crop of mustard greens came up from self-seeded from plants originally planted this past spring.

Grown as a beautiful ornamental, the large, purple-cast leaves of the castor bean (Ricinus communis) belie the toxicity of this plant. There is enough ricin here to take care of many, many Bulgarian dissidents.

Another deadly beauty Monkshood (Aconitum spp). In the background, our native spice bush Lindera benzoin lights the swamp with a vibrant yellow. Lindera benzoin was an important medicinal plant for Native Americans, it was used as a “blood purifier” and for treating colds, rheumatism and anemia.

Herbaceous peony seed sprouted, direct planted outside in late August.

Tree peony seed sprouted, direct planted outside in late August. The tree peony seeds we have inside in damp sand are also beginning to sprout.

David (in Colonel Saito voice): “Be happy at your work.”

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