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On Sunday, we awoke to the little gifts which ‘winter’ storm Alfred deposited by our door….10” of wet snow and more downed limbs than we ever remember.

Have to get the ole’ snow shovel out today before we can get to any tree peony potting…We have never seen snow in such quantities this early.

For the first morning, before it started to melt, we appreciated the snow for making it look as if all our fall clean-up work was done.

Mundy Hepburn’s glass sculptures have never looked better.

These blown glass sculptures have already withstood a hurricane and a freak snow storm. We and the artist are confident that they will make it through the winter unscathed.

January 30?… No, October 30th!!

This particular grouping of Mundy’s work really needed a coating of snow to showcase its beauty.

Five days later…..all our our fall clean-up work is exposed….It is amazing how quickly everything has melted away.

The ten day forecast has days in the 50s and 60s and the nights above freezing. The ground is nowhere near frozen and we are still busy digging and planting peonies.

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‘Silver and Red Intertwined’ 銀紅爭春 The first tree peony to bloom this year.

Artist Mundy Hepburn came to the garden today to set up some of this glass sculptures.

Mundy ‘nested’ the sculptures beautifully in his van and all survived the ride up to the garden from his studio in Old Saybrook, CT.

The garden will be an outdoor gallery for Mundy’s glass sculptures this spring throughout the peony season. The opening will be this Sunday from 2-5pm.

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