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On a recent trip to am unnamed box store for some spring renovation supplies, we were surprised to see intersectional peonies offered along with the standard spring selection of dahlia tubers and gladiolas bulbs. It was only a few years ago that intersectional peonies, hybrids between tree and herbaceous peonies, were so rare that they could only be found at specialty nurseries such as ourselves. Today, thanks to increased importation of Dutch grown intersectional peonies, they are found more frequently at less specialized nurseries and garden centers. However, as many of you know, not all peonies are equal.


Don’t be fooled by the snazzy packing of ‘their’ peony. What’s the horticultural¬† equivalent of ‘lipstick on a pig?’


You don’t need much gardening experience to see the stark difference in the quality of these two plants. Not only is our ‘Cora Louise‘ much bigger, it is also so much fresher and healthier. This is a what a dormant peony should look like.


We try our best to educate our customers and any interested gardener on how to successfully grow peonies. Our youtube channel has videos on planting as well as care of peonies.  If you have further questions you can always call us at (860) 283 1042 or email us at kasha@treepeony.com. We are dedicated to helping you grow beautiful peonies!

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